OLUTM Model Dataset

Published: 26 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/t9p23k3pyn.2
Martin Garcia-Fry


The information is based on several input requirements for an integrated land use and transport microsimulation model. The information within corresponds to the data sample used, a synthetic dataset created with that sample, and the travel simulation outputs.


Steps to reproduce

(1) Gather a minimum of 26 household interviews by surveying a target population as a data sample. (2) Prepare the data by making a synthetic dataset statistically equivalent to the data sample. (3) Cluster households of the population with: (3.1) the household composition proportional to the data sample with a number of adults per household, either 1;2; or 3 [File 1]; (3.2) All households of a cluster must have their occupational profile and their household composition represented within a Land Use State in [File 2-tab 2]; and, (3.3) find a lifestyle segmentation system suitable for developing countries (www.arellano.com.pe) and cluster individuals proportional to the number of segments in the data sample. (4) Form the clusters manually, or preferably using a computational programming script as the interface to form clusters from a synthetic dataset, proportionally to the data sample. Finally, clusters are to be used in Chapter 5, sub-section 5.3 of the research article associated to these datasets.