Dataset of electric passenger cars with their specifications

Published: 3 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tb9yrptydn.2


This dataset lists all fully electric passenger cars with their attributes (properties). The collection does not contain data on plug-in hybrid cars and electric cars from the so-called “range extenders”. Hydrogen cars were also not included in the dataset due to the insufficient number of mass-produced models and different (compared to EV) specificity of the vehicle, including the different charging methods. The dataset includes cars that, as of 2 December, 2020, could be purchased in Poland as new at an authorized dealer and those available in public and general presale, but only if a publicly available price list with equipment versions and full technical parameters was available. The list does not include discontinued cars that cannot be purchased as new from an authorized dealer (also when they are not available in stock). The subject of the study is only passenger cars, the main purpose of which is to transport people (inter alia without including vans intended for professional deliveries). The dataset of electric cars includes all fully electric cars on the primary market that were obtained from official materials (technical specifications and catalogs) provided by automotive manufacturers with a license to sell cars in Poland. These materials were downloaded from their official websites. In the event that the data provided by the manufacturer were incomplete, the information was supplemented with data from the SAMAR AutoCatalog (link can be found in References section). The database consisting of 53 electric cars (each variant of a model – which differs in terms of battery capacity, engine power, etc. – is treated as separate) and 22 variables (25 variables, including make, model and “car name” merging these two previous).



Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach


Vehicle, Electric Vehicles, Automotive Industry