The Episodic Encoding of Spoken Words in Hindi

Published: 30 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tbkpn466rh.1
William Clapp


Analysis script and model outputs associated with the manuscript "The Episodic Encoding of Spoken Words in Hindi". Findings replicate, possibly for the first time, the classic talker-specificity effect in recognition memory in a non-English language.


Steps to reproduce

Download minimally `hindi.csv` and `analysis.R`. Where indicated, insert a local file path to the directory containing the data. The script includes a bit of preprocessing, info about the dataset and labelling, code to reproduce figures, and code to reproduce statistics. The statistics section includes preliminary models with random effects structures that were unable to converge, along with recorded variance for the random effect removed at each stage. These models are commented out to reduce runtime, and the final, converged model appears last in each section. Model summaries from these final models are available in txt format in the `models` folder.


Stanford University


Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Recognition Memory, Episodic Memory, Word Recognition