Data for: Evolutionary processes contributing to shell differentiation across an environmental cline in a marine snail

Published: 06-03-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tcgxgvwp94.2
juan galindo,
Emilio Rolan-Alvarez,
Armando Caballero,
Diego Cacheda


This data set includes the morphometric measurements from adult and embryo shells of Littorina saxatilis from different localities of Galicia (NW Spain) and ecotypes (Crab+, Crab, Wave). The variables are: -CS (centroid size) -RW1-18 (relative warps, principal components of the corresponding partial warps analised) Locality: 1 (Ria Vigo), 2 (Ria Pontevedra), 3 (Ria Muros) Ecotype: 1 (Crab+), 2 (Crab), 3 (Wave)