An anti-solvent assisted gravimetric method for measuring solubility: a case study of the solubility of D-allulose in water.

Published: 6 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tdncddf88n.1
jiaqi luo,


Here are source data for our manuscript entitled “Fast and Simple Technology for Measuring Solubility of High Viscosity System”. The solubility data of D-allulose in water/water +ethanol mixture as well as the data obtained by fitting the equation are in the file. Dataset contents explained: - An mp4. video file presenting a description of the state of D-allulose dried 10 days in vacuum oven - Table 1: Mole fraction solubility (x_1) of D-allulose in water by gravimetric method and by 'AAG' method at the temperature range from T= (283.15 to 353.15) K - Table 2: The calculated values via the modified Apelblat equation - Table 3: Mole fraction solubility (x_1) of D-allulose in {water (x_2) + ethanol (1- x_2)} binary solvent mixtures from 283.15K to 323.15K and the calculated values via Jouyban-Acree-van’t Hoff equation - Table 4: The mass of crystals from anti-solvent crystallization by 'AAG' method - Table 5: Model parameters of the equation for D-allulose in different solvents



Northwest University


Crystallization, Solubility