Mammogram Density Assessment Dataset

Published: 24 November 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tdx3h2fn9v.2
Hamid Behravan,


This dataset consists of mammogram images, complete with corresponding segmentation masks for dense tissue and breast area annotated by an expert radiologist. It is divided into two subsets: training and validation. For the training subset, our expert radiologist has also provided assessments of area-based breast density values in percentages. This dataset can be utilized for tasks such as segmentation and breast density estimation. The mammograms were sourced from the public VinDr-Mammo dataset, which can be found at [this link](^^). In this dataset, we have provided additional annotations, including both segmentation masks and density values. If you use the data in your research, please cite the following studies: Gudhe, N.R., Behravan, H., Sudah, M. et al. Area-based breast percentage density estimation in mammograms using weight-adaptive multitask learning. Sci Rep 12, 12060 (2022). Hieu T. Nguyen et al. “A large-scale benchmark dataset for computer-aided diagnosis in full-field digital mammography”. 2022.



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Image Segmentation, Breast Imaging, Image Analysis (Medical Imaging), Breast Density, Image Analysis


Finnish Innovation Fund - Sitra