AERO4River's Experimental Tests - 3DoF Autonomous Surface Vessel

Published: 22 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tf4ym6fsvc.1


This dataset shares experimental tests used to develop the AERO4River mathematical model. The AERO4River is an autonomous surface vehicle based on a catamaran-type vessel with 3 Degree of Freedom (DoF) and an innovative air propulsion system with azimuth control. Shared data includes 3 identification experiments designed using SOESGOPE (Sub-Optimal Excitation Signal Generation and Optimal) methodology. In addition, the dataset also contains 3 experiments used to validate the estimated model. More information about the AERO4River's identification study can be found in the original article: "Development of Optimal Parameter Estimation Methodologies Applied to a 3DOF Autonomous Surface Vessel" (IEEE Acess).


Steps to reproduce

To view the data, it is necessary to load the files with the MATLAB software using the command: load ('file name') Each file contains 10 vectors related to the state variables of the experiment. The variables are: - Vessel's position (x-axis,y-axis, yaw angle): x [m], y [m] and yaw [rad]; - Vessel's Velocity: Surge u [m/s]; Sway v [m/s]; Yaw rate r [rad/s]; - Forces and Moment applied by the propulsion system: x-axis fx [N], y-axis fy [N] and Torque on the z-axis: Tn [N.m] - Time of the experiment: t [s].


Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora


Parameter Identification, Unmanned Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicle