Species-specific patterns in cercarial emergence of Diplostomum spp. from snails Radix lagotis

Published: 20 August 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tfcgdt9x8v.1
Tereza Vyhlídalová,


This dataset provides information on the observed number of larval trematodes, cercariae (Trematoda, Digenea) of three species of Diplostomum (Diplostomum ‘mergi’, Diplostomum spathaceum and Diplostomum pariventosum which emerge from the first intermediate snail host Radix lagotis (Lymnaeidae) under various experimental conditions, i.e. field, laboratory and incubator. Data on the mean number of emerged cercariae per 1 h in relation to water temperature are also included. Daily periodicity-dependent species-specific emergence patterns were observed among the three Diplostomum spp., as well as the intraspecific variation of D. spathaceum cercarial release in response to seasonal conditions.



Parazitologicky ustav Akademie ved Ceske republiky, Jihoceska Univerzita v Ceskych Budejovicich


Ecology, Parasitology