Dataset for "Integrating Yoga with Psychological Group-Treatment for Mixed Depression and Anxiety in Primary Healthcare: An Explorative Pilot Study"

Published: 18 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/thmc3rswtv.1
Gustav Jonsson, Lisa Franzén,


This dataset is gathered from a pilot study investigating the feasibility of combining dynamic yoga with psychological group-treatment for patients with mixed depression and anxiety in a primary healthcare centre. It includes data from 14 patients who completed an eight-week integrative group-treatment combining Virya yoga, Affect School and Compassion-focused therapy (Intervention in the file). It also includes 17 patients from a data register at the primary healthcare centre who completed an eight-week cognitive-behavioral group-treatment which was routinely delivered and considered treatment as usual (TAU in the file) for patients with depression and anxiety. Measures of overall functioning (ORS), depression symptoms (PHQ-9), anxiety symptoms (GAD-7) and quality of life (BBQ) were collected for both groups. Measures of group-therapy alliance (GSRS) self-compassion (SCS), alexithymia (TAS-20), positive and negative emotions (PANAS), amount of yoga practice between sessions (minutes and frequency/amount of times) were collected specifically for the intervention group. Most measures were collected pre- and post-treatment (SCS, TAS-20, BBQ, PHQ-9, GAD-7) while others were collected weekly (GSRS, ORS, PANAS). Measures were only available for pre- and post-treatment from the data register for TAU.



Alexithymia, Yoga, Psychological Treatment, Primary Health Care, Group Therapy, Psychoeducation, Pilot Study, Emotion Regulation