The clinical spectrum of COVID-19-associated cutaneous manifestations: an Italian multicenter study of 200 adult patients

Published: 12 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tj6m9v2gky.1
Giovanni Genovese,
Angelo Marzano,
Chiara Moltrasio


Supplemental Figure 1. Clinical features of COVID-19-associated skin manifestations. A) Urticarial rash on the lower limbs. B) Confluent erythematous rash on the chest and abdomen. C) Papulovesicular exanthem. D) Chilblain-like acral lesions on the feet. E) Palpable purpura on the outside of the thigh. F) Livedo reticularis-like lesions on the thighs. All photographs belong to the authors’ own collections.