3-Phase Heuristics for CMVRP

Published: 7 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tjgzjrb75s.1
Sirilak Phonin


Description for files of 3-Phase Heuristic’s Instances The format of data and solution files in all directories is as follows: Data files contain the following information: distance_s-distance between suppliers and depots supply-supply of each supplier distance_c-distance between suppliers and depots demand-demand of each customers CapaCenter-capacity of each depot Note that:each depot has a vehicle and capacity of vehicle is equal to capacity of depot Solution files The first line contains the cost of the solution (total traveled in both side, total traveled of backhaul route, total traveled of linehaul route ). The next lines contain, for each route, the following information: l d q list l: number of the depot d: distance traveled of the route q: load of the vehicle list: ordered sequence of customers



Vehicle Routing Problem