Mechanical properties of crumpled aluminium foil mesh - HUGHES2019

Published: 25 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tjxwj2r7s7.1
David Hughes,


Aluminium foil of 0.05 mm thickness is prepared though the expanded metal process to create a sheet mesh. The mesh is compressed to create a light-weight cellular material. With a lack of mechanical data on the material, its compressive properties have been investigated by through a series of compressive tests using samples of compressed foil with a range of densities. The samples density ranges from 6.28% to 13.86% the density of the solid aluminium it is made from. X-ray computed micro-tomography is used to image the internal pour structure. Both simple and closed die compression is investigated. Loading-unloading cycles are applied to samples to investigate internal friction and energy dissipation. A power-law dependence of mechanical properties on the initial packing density is revealed. Young’s Modulus has been quantified across the relative density range to be E = 1.28 – 12.05 MPa.



Materials Characterization