supplier selection criteria dataset

Published: 4 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tkvhd5xjsd.1
Nhu Mai Nong


The data focus on supplier selection in Vietnamese T&A companies. The survey was conducted in 362 T&A companies, in which 303 are from garment, 41 are from textile, and the other 18 are from textile and garment.


Steps to reproduce

The data focus on supplier selection in Vietnamese T&A companies, so the target population was experts, practitioners who were responsible and knowledgeable for the selection of suppliers and held managerial positions in sourcing including sourcing managers, sales managers, deputy directors or directors. These respondents were key decision markers involved in sourcing for their own companies and all had at least 3-year experience in procurement. Currently there are about 6,000 T&A companies from the South to the North of Vietnam, in which southern Vietnam accounts for 62 per cent of the total number of T&A companies, northern Vietnam gathers about 30 per cent, and the remaining 8 per cent is from central [2]. Thus, to ensure comprehensive and complete results, stratified random sampling was applied, in which proportionate stratified sampling where the stratum of the sample was proportional to the random sample in the population was used.


Supplier Development, Supplier Selection, Supplier Management