Psycholinguistic LIWC and n-gram counts in a corpus of 1145 English and Dutch novels

Published: 4 November 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tmp32v54ss.2
, Andreas van Cranenburgh


This dataset consists of CSV files with word counts in several corpora: - 694 English language novels from male and female authors classified by authors' sexual orientation (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual) - 401 bestselling Dutch language novels - 50 novels nominated for Dutch literary prizes Each corpus comes with: - LIWC counts; this file also includes the available metadata for each novel. The English data was created with LIWC 2015. The Dutch data was created with the validated translation of LIWC 2001. - Word counts (unigrams) and bigram counts per novel. All text has been converted to lowercase. Contractions are tokenized into separate tokens, e.g., can't => ca n't Two restrictions are applied: - only unigrams or bigrams that occur in at least 10 texts are retained - only the 100k most frequent are retained - Overall word counts and bigram counts; i.e., the sum across all novels. All files are encoded in UTF-8. The word counts were extracted with the script.



Literature, Computational Linguistics, Psycholinguistics