Datasets for paper "Automatic Method Change Suggestion to Complement Multi-Entity Edits"

Published: 10 October 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/tmv2pp964r.3


The datasets are used for the paper "Automatic Method Change Suggestion to Complement Multi-Entity Edits". In the paper we introduced CMSuggester, an approach to suggest complementary changes for multi-entity edits. Given a multi-entity edit that (i) adds a new field or method and (ii) modifies one or more methods to access the field or invoke the method, CMSuggester suggests other methods to co-change for the new field access or method invocation. The details of the datasets are listed below: 1. "" contains the libraries used by projects "Derby", "Mahout", "UIMA", "Cassandra", and "ActiveMQ". Simply unzip them, merge the "lib_activemq" and "lib_activemq2" into one folder called "activemq", put all of the lib folders into one folder (e.g. a folder called "lib"). 2. "" contains lists of all the elements in those projects. 3. "" or "commit_project.rar" contains all the commits that are related to bug-fix. 4. "unique_commit" contains unique_bug sql files which are used to choose commits from the commit folders. 5. "af_commit" and "am_commit" are sql files extracted to provide *CM->AF and *CM->AM commits, they are the main data sets we are using. 6. "" instructs how you should run CMSuggester. 7. "" contains the source code of our projects, a same "" file is included. 8. Enjoy the tool!


Steps to reproduce

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