Data for: Constructing vertical measurement logs using UAV-based photogrammetry: Applications for multiscale high-resolution analysis of coarse-grained volcaniclastic stratigraphy

Published: 2 November 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tmvzb5z25j.2
Zachary Smith,


This dataset includes UAV based grain measurements from volcaniclastic units from Kingston Canyon (38.11235°, 112.33470°) and Circleville Canyon (38.20198°, 112.15272°), Utah. Imagery was collected using a DJI Phantom 4 drone in 2018-2019 and orthomosaics were produced using Agisoft Photoscan. The data collected from Kingston Canyon was measured from a 5 mm resolution orthomosaic; the data collected from Circleville Canyon was measured from a 7 mm resolution orthomosaic. All measurements were conducted using ArcGIS Pro. This data can be used for enhanced analysis of coarse-grained volcaniclastic stratigraphy.



Ohio State University, Southern Utah University


Stratigraphy, Cenozoic Stratigraphy, Flight, Volcano, Volcanism, Sedimentology, Volcanology, Geographic Information Systems, Structure from Motion, Photogrammetry, Drone (Aircraft)