Road Construction in Poland

Published: 3 June 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tmxgwfsz4w.2


The dataset comprises the selected information on road construction contracts ordered in Poland in 2014-2017. All of them were executed under public procurement law. However, not all road construction orders from that time are included in the database due to the unavailability of data. There are the following types of data: label of contracts, type of works (construction of a new road or modernization of an existing one), type of road (highway, express road, national road, voivodeship road, county road), location of the road by voivodeship, type of order (order of design, then a construction ordered separately - marked as "design then build"; design and the construction jointly ordered - marked as "design and build"), the price for design (in PLN), price for construction works (in PLN), total price for design and construction works, lengths of the section of the road, total price per 1 km of the road. In the case of "design and build" orders separate prices for the design, and for the construction works are not given ("n/a" are placed there). Data were collected to verify if the unit price for 1 km of road is higher when the order type is "design and build".


Steps to reproduce

As all of the orders included in the database are public procurements, information about these orders was published or the Clients have answered the inquiries sent by the authors.


Politechnika Warszawska


Economics, Civil Engineering, Risk Analysis, Road Construction, Price Level, Public Investment