Is Arm-Span an Accurate Measure of Stature? A cross sectional study in North-Indian Population- Data Set

Published: 23 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tp6xr9rfns.1
Pinki Rai


The estimation of inter-relationship between various body parameters and stature has been an important tool in anthropometric measurements. It is found to be of great importance in such cases where direct measurement of stature is not possible. The aim of this study was to find the accuracy of arm-span in predicting standing height of both males and females in studied population. The study involved 600 participants (300 males and 300 females). The data for study collected from Rajasthan by means of community visits. The standing height and arm-span were measured for each individual and analyzed. Mean and standard deviation were obtained for collected data and Correlation coefficient and regression equation was generated. A positive correlation was found to exist between the arm-span and stature. The correlation coefficient r was found to be 0.9. In the studied population, the arm span was found to be a strong predictor of Stature. The results have shown that average height of males was 168.41±6.04 while that of females 152.38±4.8. The mean of Arm span observed in males of study population was 173.72± 6.4 while for females it was157.07±6.01. It can be concluded that arm-span can be used in estimation of the height of both males and females. Arm span is reliable tool for obtaining the approximate stature of an individual. It can be used for the purpose of medico-legal cases as well.



Anatomy, Forensic Anthropology, Applied Anthropology