Data for: Multidimensional analyses of proinsulin peptide-specific regulatory T cells induced by tolerogenic dendritic cells

Published: 24-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tpdv3r7v57.1
Bart Roep,
Thomas Höllt,
Jessica Suwandi,
Tanja Nikolic,
Vincent van Unen,
Sandra Laban,
Boudewijn Lelieveldt,
Kincsὅ Vass,
Jaap Jan Zwaginga,
Antoinette Joosten


CyTOF data: T cells stimulated with tolerogenic dendritic cells (TtolDC) or inflammatory dendritic cells (TmDC). Cells are labelled with 35 metal-tagged antibodies and acquired in CyTOF 2. Files are exported after gating for singlets and CD45+.