Start from Organics: Data for Multiple Linear Regression

Published: 1 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tpgn86kc6b.1
Kuat Abeshev,


This paper analyses whether they hold true for EU capitals overall by testing the hypothesis that door-to-door biowaste collection is more effective compared to other types of waste collection systems in increasing not only sorting of biowaste, but also of other dry recyclables (glass, metal, plastic). The "Extended-data.xlsx" file contains data on separate collection in the EU-28 capital cities (pre-Brexit) based on a report by BiPRO, a number of additionally derived indicators and control variables that form the basis of the analysis. The file has several tabs/spreadsheets each one including references to corresponding data sources. The "R-data.csv" file contains the dataset used in R-Studio to calculate Multiple Linear Regressions presented in the paper.


Steps to reproduce

The basis of the data is the BiPRO (2015) report on separate collection of waste in the EU-28 capital cities. Relevant indicators were derived using additional data from various sources, including Eurostat. Each column where additional data beyond BiPRO (2015) data is used, the sources of the data are provided too.


Waste Management