Windsport analysis

Published: 22 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tpgvnyyfyz.1
Martin Vodopivec


MATLAB files and pdf images containing results of wind conditions and air and water temperature for the manuscript "Opportunities in identifying and marketing windsport tourism destinations: High-resolution wind analysis". The files contain monthly averages. Methods and the averaging time period are described in the body of the paper. The temperature files include latitudes, longitudes and average values in degrees Celsius. The wind files include the following variables: lat - latitude, lon - longitude, mon - which month was analysed, nDaysYear - number of days above threshold for each year, nDays - multiyear average of nDaysYear, wlim - wind speed limit used as threshold, T - trend, p - p-value for trend, years - which years were used in the analysis.


Steps to reproduce

The wind and air temperature data were derived from COSMO_REA6 atmosphere analysis provided by Deutsche Wetter Dienst ( The analysis was done in MATLAB. The number of windy days are the number of days that contained at least two consecutive hours with average wind speed above a certain threshold (3.6 m/s, 7.7 m/s and 10 m/s). Only wind speed values between 6 and 19 hours CET were used as nighttime values are of no use for windsports. Average water temperature is taken from monthly OSTIA values for the 2007-2019 period (obtained from Copernicus Marine Service).


Tourism Management, Wind, Adventure Tourism