Data for: The Effect of Mo on Load Partitioning and Microstrain Evolution During Compression of a Series of Polycrystalline Ni-Based Superalloys

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tpxn8rfjtb.1
Howard Stone


The "Summary Information" Excel spreadsheet contains: Tab "Neutron Data" - The run numbers of each diffraction dataset along with the alloy and the applied compressive load at which it was acquired. Tab " Loading Rig Data" - The cross head position and applied compressive load for each alloy investigated during in situ neutron diffraction. Tab "Composition" - The measured bulk alloy composition for each alloy as determined by SEM EDX. Tab "Precipitate size" - The area of precipitates measured for each alloy. Note that between 128 and 345 individual precipitates were sampled. The "Neutron Raw Data" .zip archive contains text files of each of the individual neutron diffraction datasets as defined in the "Neutron Data" tab of the "Summary Information" Excel spreadsheet.



Nickel-Based Superalloys, Compression Testing, Neutron Diffraction