Mitochondrial small Tim chaperone: 1H-15N heteronuclear NOE in hexameric and monomeric states

Published: 19-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tr332f3g2x.1
Paul Schanda,


Steady-state heteronuclear Overhauser Effect data of the mitochondrial small-Tim subunits Tim9, Tim10 and Tim12. The different data sets pertain either to the monomeric subunit in its oxidized state (the four conserved Cys are engaged in disulfide bonds), or reduced (Cys in the -SH state), or in the hexameric TIM9·10 state (wherein the Cys are oxidized). The data were obtained as the ratio of the intensities of two spectra, with and without 1H pre-saturation, using the hetNOE pulse sequence implemented in the NMRlib library ( The data were measured at a magnetic field strength of 14.1 Tesla (=600 MHz 1H Larmor frequency). Details are described in Weinhäupl, Wang, Hessel, Brennich, Lindorff-Larsen & Schanda, Structure 2021 (in press).


Steps to reproduce

Protein samples were obtained by bacterial overexpression. For NMR measurements (14.1 T magnetic field strength), the sample temperature was set to 25◦ C and sample concentrations were of the order of 200-400 µM. The data set of the hexamer was recorded at 35 °C.