Self-Absorption Scale Data from Serbia

Published: 1 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/trsgzbdmtz.1
Senka Kostić


McKenzie and Hoyle (2008) made the first Self-Absorption Scale. Since this scale is not available in Serbian, we designed two studies aimed on translation and adaptation, and validation of the instrument. Results of Study 1 confirmed original two-factorial structure, but without two items on each subscale, and the factors in both, the original and translated version, are congruent (measured by Tucker`s congruence coefficient). Results of Study 2 showed that self-absorbtion was positively correlated to the most aspects of pathological narcissism, self-consciousness, depression, stress and anxiety. Also, it was negatively correlated to self-esteem. We can conclude that The Self-Absorption Scale scale is short, reliable, and valid measure for assessing the pathological aspect of self-focusing in Serbian population.