Data for: Introducing Mass Parameters to Pseudo-Rigid-Body Models for Precisely Predicting Dynamics of Compliant Mechanisms

Published: 28 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/trtm5xgz55.1
Haijun Su, Yu She, Siyang Song, Deshan Meng, Junmin Wang


This data provides the dynamic response, from both time domain and frequency domain, of the PRB models and FEA models for CPGMs. The data shows the effects of the design and input parameters on the accuracy of dynamic performance of the PRB models. Specifically, the studied parameters include λ,A,and ω, where λ is defined as the mass ratio of the tip mass (mt) over the beam mass (mb), and A and ω are the magnitude and frequency of the input force of F=A sin⁡〖(2πωt)〗. The problem statement and modeling procedure of the PRB models are presented in She et al. [1], and the original raw data is provided as the supplemental material.



Mechanical Engineering, Robotics