Brief Analysis Data

Published: 23 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/trxwr9hhfg.1
Monika Shankar


It contains air temperature of 6 readings recorded in the month of December and wall temperature in for 24 hours recorded in the month of October. Sheet 2 contains observed data describing features and compiled data.


Steps to reproduce

The Mini anemometer (Model No. UT363BT) was used for temperature and airflow through the openings with an accuracy of ±5%. Handheld infrared thermometers were used to measure the wall surface temperature, testo 835 H1, accuracy of ±1oC. Humidity, air temperature and globe temperature were measured in the brief analysis using Heat Stress WBGT Meter TM-188D,accuracy of ±3%RH, ±0.8oC and ±0.6oC, respectively.


National Institute of Technology


Practical Investigation, Temperature Measurement, Air Temperature