Premixed Turbulent Combustion of Diesel, GTL, 50% to 50% Blend- Zimont TFC Model

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/ts2jd8zc9r.4
abdellatif Sadeq


These datasets are related to premixed turbulent combustion of diesel, GTL and 50/50 diesel-GTL blend using a cylindrical combustion vessel. Zimont model available in ANSYS Fluent 17.0 was used to conduct the turbulent flame studies on the three fuels at different operating conditions, and to generate the raw data. These data were then extracted from ANSYS Fluent 17.0 and stored in a Microsoft Excel format, and is available on the Mendeley data repository. The Microsoft Excel file contains three sheets; each of them presents the raw data for one of the three fuels. Parameters such as turbulent kinetic energy, turbulent eddy viscosity, turbulent flame speed, Reynolds number and Damkohler number were obtained at the corresponding equivalence ratio and turbulence intensities, and then listed on filtering tables for the ease of accessibility



Qatar University College of Engineering


Turbulent Flame, Internal Combustion Engine Combustion