Las Vegas Strip

Published: 29 July 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tsf9sjdwh2.1
Sérgio Moro


This dataset includes quantitative and categorical features from online reviews from 21 hotels located in Las Vegas Strip, extracted from TripAdvisor ( All the 504 reviews were collected between January and August of 2016. The dataset contains 504 records and 20 tuned features (as of “status = included”, from Table 1 of the article mentioned below), 24 per hotel (two per each month, randomly selected), regarding the year of 2015.


Steps to reproduce

Please see our paper (and cite it if you plan using the dataset) for more details: Moro, S., Rita, P., & Coelho, J. (2017). Stripping customers' feedback on hotels through data mining: The case of Las Vegas Strip. Tourism Management Perspectives, 23, 41-52.


ISCTE-Instituto Universitario de Lisboa


Data Mining, Hospitality, Hotel Management