PhilMedic: Philippine Medicinal Plant Leaf Dataset

Published: 12 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tsvdyhbphs.1
Epie Custodio


Medicinal plants play an important role in human mental and physical well-being. As a result, recognizing and categorizing medicinal herbs is critical to providing quality medicines. This dataset contains forty (40) different species of medicinal plants found in the Philippines with a total of 4922 leaves. This dataset was used in the study "Classifying Philippine Medicinal Plants Based on Their Leaves Using Deep Learning" published on July 13, 2023. Using VGG19 as classifier in the study, it yielded an average accuracy of 92.67%. The images were captured in natural light using a 48-MP Android phone. Each leaf is photographed on both sides (front and back) to ensure that it can be recognized in different poses. Data collection started from September 30, 2022 to December 9, 2022. The following are the 40 classes: Class1-Hibiscus rosa-sinensis(HRS) or Hibiscus; Class2-Psidium guajava(PG) or Guava; Class3-Antidesma bunius(AB) or Salamander tree; Class4-Vitex negundo(VN) or Five-leaved chaste tree; Class5-Moringa oleifera(MO) or Horseradish tree; Class6-Blumea balsamifera(BB) or Ngai camphor; Class7-Origanum vulgare(OV) or Wild marjoram; Class8-Pepromia pellucida(PP) or Silver bush; Class9-Centella asiatica(CA) or Indian hydocotyle; Class10-Coleus scutellarioides(CS) or Painted Nettle; Class11-Phyllanthus niruri(PN) or Stone-breaker; Class12-Corchorus olitorius(CO) or Jute leaves; Class13-Momordica charantia (MC) or Bitter gourd; Class14-Euphorbia hirta(EH) or Asthma plant; Class15-Curcuma longa(CL) or Turmeric; Class16-Carmona retusa(CR) or Philippine Tea; Class17-Senna alata(SA) or Ringworm bush; Class18-Mentha cordifolia Opiz(MCO) or Spearmint; Class19-Capsicum frutescens(CF) or Chili pepper; Class20-Jatropha curcas(JC) or Physic Nut; Class21-Ocimum basilicum(OB) or Sweet basil; Class22-Nerium oleander(NO) or Oleander; Class23-Pandanus amaryllifolius(PA) or Vanilla grass; Class24-Aloe barbadensis Miller(ABM) or Aloe vera; Class25-Lagerstroemia speciosa(LS) or Crape Myrtle; Class26-Averrhoea bilimbi(AVB) or Cucumber tree; Class27-Annona muricata(AM) or Soursop; Class28-Citrus aurantiifolia(CIA) or Lime Tree; Class29-Premna odorata(PO) or Fragrant Premna; Class30-Gliricidia sepium(GS) or Mexican lilac; Class31-Citrus sinensis(CIS) or Sweet Orange; Class32-Mangifera indica(MI) or Mango; Class33-Citrus microcarpa(CM) or Philippine lime; Class34-Impatiens balsamina(IB) or Garden balsam; Class35-Arachis hypogaea(AH) or Peanut; Class36-Tamarindus indica(TI) or Tamarind; Class37-Leucaena leucocephala(LL) or River Tamarind; Class38-Ipomoea batatas(IPB) or Sweet potato; Class39-Manihot esculenta(ME) or Cassava; Class40-Citrus maxima(CMA) or Grapefruit.



Image Classification, Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning