Hydrodynamic parameters of semi-enclosed coastal systems in South America: compilation, location, and classification

Published: 9 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tt5vzfhc6j.1


This dataset provides information on key hydrodynamic parameters of Semi-Enclosed Coastal Systems (SECS) in South America, derived from a thorough literature review of over 500 peer-reviewed publications. A total of 898 SECS have been identified across the region, including deltas, estuaries, and coastal lagoons. The dataset is intended to offer a baseline for researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders interested in understanding the dynamics of SECS in South America and beyond. Included in the dataset is an XLS file containing the following parameters for all identified SECS in the continent: -> Name of the SECS or discharging river -> Coordinates of the SECS -> Discharging ocean basin For SECS where information is available in the peer-reviewed literature, the dataset provides additional parameters, including: -> Mean freshwater discharge -> Monthly maximum freshwater discharge -> Monthly minimum freshwater discharge -> Mean sediment load -> Mean water depth -> Richardson number -> Stratification degree -> Spring tidal range -> Neap tidal range -> Form factor of the tide References for all data sources are also included for traceability. The information is distributed by countries in different sheets. Additionally, the dataset indicates whether the SECS system is ephemeral and/or intervened by hardworks in the river mouth. It also includes the classification of SECS from 0 to 3 stars according to the knowledge of their dynamics. The dataset also includes a KML file with the location, name, and classification (from 0 to 3 stars) of all identified SECS, facilitating spatial analysis and visualization.



Universidad del Norte, Universidad EAFIT


Earth Sciences, Estuarine Classification, Coastal Physical Oceanography, Marginal Sea of South America