A Comparative Analysis between Quality Assurance Mechanisms of Canada and UAE

Published: 26 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tt9kb3zzgv.1
Sunitha Kshatriya


The data being shared this data article here contains 1. The table showing OUCQA benchmarks 2. Table showing STANDARDS 2011 aligned against the OUCQA benchmarks 3. Table showing number of evaluation criteria per parameters benchmarked to samples 4. Tables showing the number of evaluation criteria in % for each parameter for the samples 5. Tables showing the number of evaluation criteria for each parameter existing within STANDARDS 2011 6. Tables showing comparison of gaps in Evaluation Criteria with reference to samples reviewed and STANDARDS 2011


Steps to reproduce

This is a review paper so the design and methods used to acquire data was based on random sampling of literature reviewed and categorizing them within homogenous categories. Each cluster was then looked at for the evaluation criteria it aligned to including the parameters it contained. Which Evaluation Criteria the sample aligned with was noted down and numbered and the same was done for each parameter. The final number for each evaluation criteria and parameter was the total of number of repetitions of the same criteria for each sample. Based on which percentages were derived. Gaps were assessed on the basis of criteria or parameters missing in each sample vs the total sample size.


Quality Assurance