Simultaneous Gait Data from Marker-based Stereophotogrammetry and 3D Temporal Scanner

Published: 19 September 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ttjw7w2xfn.2
Helios De Rosario Martínez,


This repository contains the data used for the analysis reported in "Accuracy of a 3D Temporal Scanning System for Gait Analysis: Comparative With a Marker-based Photogrammetry System" (Gait & Posture 97, The `trc` folder contains one subfolder for each subject (12 in total), with the following files: * TRC files with marker positions recorded with both systems (Kinemov for MBSP, Move4D for 3DTS) in the calibration posture, and in the two gait trials. The particular measurment of each file is described in the file name: `[subject_code]_[calibration/measurement_1/measurement_2/]_[kinemov/move4d].trc`. * TXT file with the characteristics of the subject: sex, height, knee and ankle widths, and start/end frames for the gait cycles in the time series recorded in the TRC files. The `jointangles` folder contains 24 CSV files with the joint angles (hip, knee, and pelvis) of the two gait cycles measured for each subject (one file per subject and trial). Each file has 18 columns (3 joints x 3 angles x 2 systems [kin for MBSP, mov for 3DTS]). The `stats` foder contains three CSV files: * `rangesofmotion.csv`, with the ranges (max - min) of the joint angles time series (one row for each file in the `jointangles` folder). * `jointangle_errors.csv`, with the RMS of the "errors" resulting from the comparison of MBSP and 3DTS joint angles (one row for each file in the `jointangles` folder). * `markererror_stats.csv` with pooled means and standard deviations of the position "errors" of the anatomical landmarks, resulting from the comparison of MBSP and 3DTS measurements. The `scripts` folder contains the code in Julia ( used to calculate the marker position errors reported in `markererror_stats.csv`, and to perform the statistical analysis of those errors that is reported in the paper. (See "Steps to reproduce" below.) The joint angles time series contained in the `jointangles` folder and the resultings summaries contained in the other files of `stats`, can be calculated from the data contained in the `trc` folder, following the instructions given in the paper. (The code for that analysis is not included.)


Steps to reproduce

The `scripts` folder contains the code to create the table with the summaries of marker position errors (`markererrors.jl`) and the statistical tests presented in the paper (`stats.jl`), using the data given in `trc` folder. All the code is programmed in Julia ( In order to run the code in a reproducible manner, activate the project environment provided through the `Project.toml` and `Manifest.toml` files in the `scripts` folder. (Cfr.'s-project): In a Julia session, make `scripts` your current directory, and in the "Pkg mode" run the two following commands: ``` activate . instantiate ```


Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia


Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, Photogrammetric 3D Model, Biomechanics of Gait