Moche Radiocarbon Dates and Bayesian Models

Published: 5 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tv2c8bgw58.1
Michele Koons,


These are the supplementary materials to accompany the article: "Moche Chronology of Ancient Peru: Bayesian Assessment of Radiocarbon Dates and Ceramic Styles from North to South." Supplementary Material 1: This Excel file contains known Moche radiocarbon dates and contexts. Tabs within this spreadsheet are 1) All dates; 2) Dates rejected from all the Bayesian models produced for the study; 3) Dates used in one or more of the models; 4) Potential outlier dates based on modeled results; 5) Dates from humans and animals that may be subject to mixed carbon reservoir effects; 6) Dates from the sites of Pampa Grande and Batán Grande. Supplementary Material 2: This Excel file contains 1) A key to the Bayesian models; 2) The start and end boundary posteriors for the modeled Moche ceramic styles/phases; 3) The year span posteriors for each style/phase; 4) The order probabilities for each start and end boundary posterior generated by the models Supplementary Material 3: This is a folder that contains all the Bayesian models produced for this study. Some of the models make use of priors which extract information from other files to run. It is thus necessary that all of these files are in the same directory when working with the models.



Radiocarbon Dating, Bayesian Analysis, Bayesian Chronology