Dataset for: Debugging in the Domain-Specific Modeling Languages for Software Agents

Published: 1 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tvy82j656w.1
Barış Tekin Tezel,
Geylani Kardaş


This dataset contains the following .zip files to accompany the paper, entitled "Debugging in the Domain-Specific Modeling Languages for Software Agents": 1) In this file, all language constructs and the Eclipse-based IDE of DSMLs, called SAML, MASRL and MASEML are included. The SAML was developed to be used as design language of the framework. The Multi-Agent System Runtime Modeling Language (MASRL) has been developed with a metamodel that contains the operational semantics of a MAS. The simulation environment modeling language (MASEML) enables simulation parameters to be given to the simulator by modelling. Please see the Readme.txt file in this zip file for the installation and execution instructions. 2) Experimantal Data: This folder includes all research data gathered during the evaluation of the framework. The following items are included: -Case study scenarios, -SAML models which we inject faults to cause defined failures, - Model files repaired by the evaluators during execution of the case studies - The questionnaire which the evaluators are answered and scored - Measurements for the analysis of elapsed time - SPSS Raw data



Dokuz Eylul Universitesi


Debugging, Model-Driven Engineering, Interactive Environment for Debugging, Domain-Specific Software Architecture, Multi-Agent System