Data of the industrial waste compositions in the Western Kazakhstan and raw data IR-spectroscopic, X-ray analysis of the samples construction materials

Published: 28 July 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/twgctdsk23.3
Сауле Базарбаева


The use of industrial wastes of different chemical composition is possible in the production of building materials. It was found that the reaction of the interaction of petroleum sulfur with chromate sludge in the production of polymer concrete significantly reduces their toxicity, due to the transition of Cr (VI) to the less toxic form of Cr (III), which the data of the IR spectroscopic data of the structure of mastic S-sludge. Sulphur under the experimental conditions had a coarse-crystalline structure characteristic of rhombic modification. Introduction of various components (fillers) significantly changes the structure of sulphur, leads to obtaining mastic with a fine-crystalline structure. The presented data shows the chemical composition of wastes from industrial enterprises located in Western Kazakhstan, the raw data of physico-chemical analysis of obtained experimental samples are given. The tables 1-4 provide information on the chemical composition of waste, data in the tables 5-6 are raw data of IR spectroscopic and X-ray spectral analyses samples of the construction materials. These data can be compared with other similar data, the proposed methods can be used in those industrial regions with relatively similar productions and waste.



L N Gumilyov Eurasian National University


Ecology, Recycling Method, Technology