Data for: A composite of BMI and waist circumference may be a better obesity metric in Indians with high risk for type 2 Diabetes: an analysis of NMB-2017, a nationwide cross sectional study

Published: 24 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/twp8xw6p25.1
Raghuram Nagarathna, Suchitra S. Patil, Hongasandra Nagendra, Rajesh SK, Murali Venkatrao, Amit Singh


This is a dataset of 7496 Asian Indians with the following information: 1. PatientId 2. (Location Info) Zone, State, District 3. (Demographic) Age, Gender 4. (Anthropometric) Waist Circ in cm, Height in cm, Weight in kg 5. (Health and Lifestyle) Self Declared Diabetes, Father/Mother with Diabetes, HbA1C, Physical Activity Based on this data it has various calculated columns pertaining to obesity and other diabetes risk factors