Data for: Networked Pantheon: A Relational Database of Globally Famous People

Published: 6 November 2018| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/twvsjygw3m.4
Janosch Schobin, Pablo Beytía


Attached here are two files needed to analyze the network of globally famous people in software for network analysis: - Nodes: archive with the information of 11.340 remarkable people at the global level, who have their biography available in 25 or more linguistic versions of Wikipedia. This archive is based on Pantheon Dataset (Yu et. al. 2016), with some modifications explained in the descriptive paper. - Edges: archive of links (biographical references using hyperlinks) between the biographies of the 11,340 historical characters included in the "nodes" archive. More information available at the OSF project:



Social Sciences, History, Cultural Geography, Digital Anthropology, Social Network Analysis, Informatics, Cultural Sociology, Historical Sociology, Social Networks, Digital Communication