RADARSAT-2 Quad-pol SAR data preprocessing workflow in SNAP

Published: 28-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/txcncjt7n9.1
Dipankar Mandal,
vineet vineet


RADARSAT-2 images are acquired in SLC format. The full-polarimetric images are multi-looked (in the range and azimuth) to generate the coherency matrix T. At first calibration is performed with a complex format output option. Then the 3x3 coherency matrix T is generated, following multi-looking and polarimetric speckle filtering. Finally, the despeckled product is terrain corrected and exported in a PolSARpro format (.bin and .hrd files). This product is further utilized to form the Generalized Radar Vegetation Index (GRVI). The .xml file includes the XML codes for the preprocessing workflow and to be performed in SNAP.