Circumferential Film Thickness Measurement Data from a Bespoke Journal Bearing Test Platform

Published: 15-07-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/txdrvd382p.2
Scott Beamish,
Xiangwei Li,
Henry Brunskill,
Andrew Hunter,
Rob Dwyer-Joyce


This data provides the raw and processed film thickness measurement results from a bespoke journal bearing test platform. Lubricant film thickness has been determined in the present work via a range of ultrasonic techniques, observing changes in signal amplitude, phase and resonant frequency. Test cases include steady state shaft-aligned, shaft-misaligned and shut-down operating conditions. Film thickness results are compared against the Raimondi-Boyd theoretical prediction model and gap sensor measurements. Please consult the corresponding research article "Circumferential Film Thickness Measurement in Journal Bearings via the Ultrasonic Technique" for more information and detail relating to this data set.