Children's sustainability verbal reports

Published: 3 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/txsx86fxfr.1
Laercia Abreu Vasconcelos


Study 1: a) List of contents of slides and videos used in Conditions B and C; and b) Children's answers in session 10 of Condition C. Parents were given a letter from the experimenter, thanking them and asking if they observed discussions, plays, and/or behaviors of sustainability in their children. Study 2: Condition B, verbal interactions of the pairs talking about sustainability.


Steps to reproduce

Experimental research with children that answered open questions in the last session of Study 1. And also with pairs of children talking about sustainability behaviors in Study 2.


Universidade de Brasilia Departamento de Processos Psicologicos Basicos


Behavioral Psychology