Dataset for "Improving rainfall-runoff model reliability under non-stationarity of model parameters – a hypothesis testing based framework"

Published: 26 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/txt7b8235x.1
Anav Vora,


This dataset includes all code used to run the hypotheses testing based framework to trade space-for-time presented in 'Improving rainfall-runoff model relaiability under non-stationarity of model parameters - a hypothesis testing based framework' The code is divided into steps in the sequence Step_A_CreateDataset, Step_B_ModelCalibration, and Step_C_Experimental_TSFT_Approaches Each step has a separate readme file describing code in the subfolder. Step_A reads data from the Newman et al. (2015) dataset (stored in LSHD_Database), performs data checks, and selects the watersheds used for subsequent analysis. Step_B calibrates the rainfall-runoff model (stored in Model_And_Processed_DataFiles) to the selected watersheds Finally, Step_C applies all the experimental TSFT hypothese attempted for 4 biome transitioning watersheds. Sample raw input files from the Newman et al. (2015) dataset, all processed input files, and sample simulation outputs are included in the dataset. Note: All outputs pertaining to the biome changing watersheds are included.



Indian Institute of Technology Bombay