FindBounce: Package for multi-field bounce actions

Published: 10 August 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tysw84skx3.1


We are launching FindBounce, a Mathematica package for the evaluation of the Euclidean bounce action that enters the decay rate of metastable states in quantum and thermal field theories. It is based on the idea of polygonal bounces, which is a semi-analytical approach to solving the bounce equation by discretizing the potential into piecewise linear segments. This allows for a fast and robust evaluation of arbitrary potentials with specified precision and any number of scalar fields. Time cost grows linearly with the number of fields and/or the number of segments. Computation with 20 fields takes ~2s with 0.5% accuracy of the action. The FindBounce function is simple to use with the native Mathematica look and feel, it is easy to install, and comes with detailed documentation and physical examples, such as the calculation of the nucleation temperature. We also provide timing benchmarks with comparisons to existing tools, where applicable.



Cosmology, Phase Transitions, Tunneling, Vacuum, Gravitational Wave, Computational Physics