Crime against Foreigners in India 2014 - 2021. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI.

Published: 25 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tyzj3j83gj.1
Vishal Tikhute


This is compilation of crime data derived from Chapter - 13A -- Crime against Foreigners In 'Crime in India' (an annual publication of NCRB, GoI). Also, data from the Ministry of Tourism has been used to calculate crime rates. The crime data (available in the public domain on the NCRB website) from multiple reports has been extracted and compiled in an Excel file. Variables - 1. Crime incidence - derived directly from the respective table of the NCRB report. 2. FTA (foreign tourist arrivals) - derived from 'tourism statistics' published annually by the Market Research Division, Ministry of Tourism, GoI. FTA (in million) has been used as a proxy indicator for the 'foreigners population' in India, as actual numbers are not available. 3. Crime rate - calculated as per NRCB methodology. It can be calculated using this formula: R = Crime incidence (I) / FTA. And can be presented as crime incidence per million population of foreigners in India. NOTE: This data is owned by NCRB, and wherever applicable, NCRB must be acknowledged/cited in the intended publication/report. The author has simply compiled this data, which is available in public domain, and does not claim ownership of original data. No copyrights infringement intended by the author


Steps to reproduce

STEP 1: Go to STEP 2: Select the year and enter 'crimes against foreigners' in 'Select Table Title of Crime in India' search window. STEP 3: Download the respective excel/pdf. STEP 4 (for FTA): Download respective report from and search for table containing FTA.


Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs


Law, Tourism, International Trade, Crime Statistics