Review Database for: Learning Factories in new business development: a framework proposition

Published: 29 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tz592g4pvh.1


The files are related to the PRISMA procedure considered for discussions related to the paper "Learning Factories in new business development: a framework proposition", submitted for the Conference on Learning Factories 2024. The results of the strings application in the search bases brought papers focused on three literatures: learning factories and Industry 4.0; organizational literature; or agglomerations and networks for business and innovation, presenting no specific convergence in the proposed research problem. Thus, there was a manual complementation of references focused on seminal concepts that may be applied in the course of the authors' field research, resulting in a significant manually added sample according to the PRISMA flowchart (which were not related in this directory because they are not a direct result of the strings). The present database contains: - The references analyzed from Web of Science database; - The references analyzed from Scopus database; - The resulting PRISMA flowchart.


Steps to reproduce

The present study followed PRISMA´s statements for literature reviews, being applied in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus databases. - String applied in Web of Science: TS=(learning factor* AND (innovation OR Industr* 4.0 OR Factor* 4.0 OR Firm* 4.0) AND (knowledge-intensive OR startup* OR SME OR (small and medium-sized enterpris* or small and medium-sized firm* OR small and medium-sized industr* OR small and medium-sized compan* OR small and medium-sized factor*))). - String applied in Scopus: TITLE-ABS-KEY ( learning AND factor* AND ( innovation OR industr* 4.0 OR factor* 4.0 OR firm* 4.0 ) AND ( knowledge-intensive OR startup* OR sme OR ( small AND medium-sized AND enterpris* OR small AND medium-sized AND firm* OR small AND medium-sized AND industr* OR small AND medium-sized AND compan* OR small AND medium-sized AND factor* ) ) ).


Universidade de Sao Paulo Escola Politecnica


Innovation Management, Systematic Review, Organizational Experimentation, Business Management, Industry 4.0