Structural characterization of MMR2 by single crystal XRD

Published: 07-06-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tzbf4tnw4n.1
mohd rashidi abdull manap,
Ahmad Zaidi Ismail,
Maryam Aisyah Abdullah,
Siti Munirah Muhd Faudzi


2043a_CA95(4) EtOH was labeled as MMR2


Steps to reproduce

Crystals of MMR2 was grown via slow evaporation technique with ethanol as the solvent. A crystal of MMR2 was mounted on a fibre loop using perfluoropolyether oil and rapidly cooled to 100 K in a stream of cold N2 using an Oxford Cryosystems Cobra unit. The diffraction data were measured using an Oxford Diffraction Gemini E CCD diffractometer and the intensity data were processed with CrysAlis Pro software suite. The structure was solved by direct methods and full-marix least-squares refinement on F2 using SHELXS in Olex2 interface.