Z-Stacks of microdamage formation of individual trabeculae tested in pure tensile fatigue mode

Published: 20 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/tzdf8mn6hf.1
Martin Frank, Julia-Theresa Fischer, Philipp Thurner


This folder contains the z-stacks of confocal images of microdamage formation in individual trabeculae, tested in pure fatigue tensile mode. The images are related to Figure 3 of the paper "Microdamage formation in individual bovine trabeculae during fatigue testing" (Frank et al., 2020). Pre-staining of initial microcracks is shown in red with Alizarin Red S and staining after mechanical testing in green with Calcein. The sample tested for 1500 cycles indicates no damage. The sample tested for 2100 cycles shows one linear microcrack. The sample tested for 3000 cycles illustrates advanced microdamage formation.



Technische Universitat Wien


Fatigue Behavior, Hard Tissue Mechanics, Cancellous Bone