Electroretinogram Analysis Code from: Measuring Mosquito Spectral Sensitivity Using Electroretinograms

Published: 6 November 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/tzfyx575m6.2


This dataset is a supplement to the article "Measuring Mosquito Spectral Sensitivity Using Electroretinograms". The article fully details the process of ERG recordings. Article Abstract: "Mosquitoes use a variety of cues to locate resources in the world around them, including olfactory, thermal, and visual stimuli. Understanding how mosquitoes perceive these stimuli is important for understanding and investigating mosquito behaviors and mosquito ecology. Specifically, mosquito vision can be studied in many ways, including by using electrophysiological recordings from their compound eyes. Electroretinograms can characterize the spectral sensitivity of a mosquito species, revealing the wavelengths of light they can perceive. Here, we provide details on how to perform and analyze these recordings. " This dataset contains all the necessary files to allow for the processing of LabScribe ERG recordings that have been exported to a subdirectory with all sub-experiments exported as their own ".txt" file. See read me.txt for further description.



Simon Fraser University, The University of British Columbia


Color Vision, Electroretinography, Mosquito