Statistical behavior of the tensile properties of natural fibre composites

Published: 7 February 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v25pzywt5c.1
Juan Pablo Torres


This .zip folder features raw stress-strain tensile data for approximately 500 specimens corresponding to different natural fibre reinforced composite laminates (see Raw Data folder). In addition, we provide here the calculated elastic modulus, strength and failure strain values for each specimen (see Statistics folder). Finally, we include python codes that enables to show the experimental statistical distributions for each material system and calculate the corresponding fit of their probability distribution functions (see and files). The data presented here is associated with the research articles "Statistical behavior of the tensile properties of natural fibre composites" and "The mechanical properties of natural fibre composite laminates: a statistical study" by J.P. Torres, L.-J. Vandi, M. Veidt, M.T. Heiztmann.



University of Queensland


Statistics, Materials Science, Mechanical Property, Natural Fiber Composite