Data for: Carbonate-rich sequences in the deep sea of the eastern South Sea subbasin (IODP Hole U1431D) during the last 600 kyr

Published: 26 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v3hhs28ycn.1
AMANDA GEROTTO, Rubens Figueira, Annette Hahn, Renata Hanae Nagai, Iván Hernández Almeida, Paulo Ferreira


Planktonic foraminiferal total abundance, fragmentation (FI%) and foraminiferal dissolution (FDX) indexes, and FTIR inferred total organic carbon content (TOC) in the first 20 m of the sedimentary column of the Hole U1431D (15o22’N, 117o00’E, 4240 m water depth, 617 m of sediment recovery) retrieved from the South China Sea East Subbasin during the IODP Expedition 349 on board the R/V JOIDES Resolution.



Oceanography, Geochemistry, Micropaleontology, Geological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Paleoceanography