Mouse WOI Stroke Data

Published: 5 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v3jwyg7rcx.1
Lindsey Brier,


Baseline imaging of two mice for five minutes on 11/18/22 ('201118') right before photothrombosis to left somatosensory cortex (2.2mm left and 0.5mm anterior to bregma with a 0.5mm spot size). Same imaging performed on same two mice for five minutes three days later 11/22/20 ('201122'). Each MATLAB file is 156 x 156 x 20160 representing pixels x pixels x frames. Each frame consists of an image of the dorsal cortical surface of each Thy1-GCaMP6f expressing mouse. Framerate of acquisition was 16.8Hz per LED channel. Four sequential LED channels were used; blue (470nm) for GCaMP6 excitation, green (530nm), yellow (590nm), and red (625nm) for hemoglobin spectroscopy. Data processing and analytic tools described in Brier and Culver (BioRxiv, April 2021).



Washington University in Saint Louis


Optical Imaging, Mouse Study, Calcium Imaging